The right tablescape can be the styling focal point of your event as well as make an incredible first impression. These are the four principles the Folio team uses when designing our tables.

Find your personal Inspiration

We don’t need to tell you to spend some time on Pinterest or Instagram, but how about looking beyond social media? What are some of your favourite family food memories? Picnic on the beach? Christmas lunch with big platters? The restaurant where he proposed? If you can bring any elements of these memories to your styling you’ll bring something unique to your wedding or event – your stories.

Be open to new ideas

Wedding tables don’t need to be all white and Christmas doesn’t need to mean tinsel and red napkins. Some of our favourite tablescapes have happened when someone suggested something completely left-field! Which brings us to..

Have Fun!

When you’re focussed on budgets, logistics and planning it’s easy to forget hosting and entertaining is about making people feel relaxed and enjoying the time you have together – and that includes you! Don’t take the styling process too seriously or be afraid to break the ‘rules’ if there’s something you really want. You do you.

Remember the practical

Some elements of your tablescape will need to change slightly depending on the format of the meal. Having large antipasto platters on the table or shared table mains? You’ll need to leave enough room down the centre of your table (or go with table risers). Having a plated entrée? Your caterer may need those entrée plates in the kitchen rather than pre-set on the table with the mains plates. Do all those glasses need to be on the table or can some be left on the bar? If you’re using a caterer definitely chat with them first so they understand your vision and you understand what they need.

And remember, we’re always happy to share our knowledge with a chat in our showroom!