What beverages you serve and how you serve them can elevate your event to a whole new level!
Cocktail Hour
We love serving Margaritas in our Vintage Cut Low Balls. Having a spiced rim not only gives your bevvy that extra kick, but creates a aesthetic vibe perfect for everyone to enjoy. These also look great in photos.
Daiquiri's are the perfect drink to be served in our Ripple Champagne Saucers. Be sure to top it off with dried fruit by FnLemons. Coupe glasses are a classy addition to toast your love with all your favourite people. 2022/23 is the year for coupes over flutes. 
Passionfruit rims by FnLemons are the perfect way to add zing and a pop of colour too your day. Add a Passionfruit Mojito to the beautiful Optica Coupe and your guests will be swooning and ready for the next party hosted by you! 
Cocktails & Coupes:
At Folio we love to be in the know. And one thing we know for sure is Cocktails and Coupes are the way to go this season. 
Beverages & Glassware:
If you are after delicious drinks we suggest contacting Bad Rabbit. You can get your drinks and Folio glassware delivered to your event through Bad Rabbit
Vendors involved in imagery:
Styling+ Imagery: Social Butterfly Co
Garnishes: FnLemons
Beverage: Bad Rabbit
From the Folio Team